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Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Mothers, hate to ask for help because we fancy ourselves superwomen, so we chose to want to do most things ourselves even though we just brought another human into this world, and that is also some superhero business.

We have some tips to help first time dads who have no how to help their partners.

OFFER HELP- Your help is always needed and welcomed. Regardless of how your partner delivers, her body needs time to recover. Helping to bathe an change diapers gives your partner the time to catch a break.

SHARE BOTTLE DUTIES- not being able to breastfeed is not a a criterion to not be involved in feeding. Recently, 7 out of 8 women use breast pumps to help in storing milk for when they have to feed their children, so helping to warm up stored milk and and feeding the baby when they need it.

CUES- Childbirth is a combat sport! Your partner and baby might not be ready to be around people yet, understand this and be able to communicate this to well wishers and family.

LISTEN- Like new mothers, new fathers also get lots of advice from people on how and what to do to their babies, partners and to themselves. These advises might come from a place of love but you and your partner should be able to come together and agree on what works best for you and your baby. Going through these advises ad agreeing on which one works best for you is a good way to listen.

YOU WILL LOSE SLEEP!- Sleep is now a distant memories in your life from the moment a baby is born.Do not allow your partner suffer through this alone. The stress from caring for a new born is hard enough with a good night’s sleep. Imagine functioning on 3 hours of sleep, saying up all day to care for a crying infant and having to repeat the cycle for months.Try to get into routine for checking on the baby at night.

MAKE TIME FOR YOUR PARTNER- Make time for date nights. Get a family member, preferably grandparents to watch your baby. Dress up and go out with your partner, you both need it, for your mental health!

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