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Join Life After Bean this February as we collect, clothes, food and toys for at risk mothers and children. As a mother, I am well aware of the needs a mother and child have. I am also well aware of the position that I am in comparison to many other mamas. As Woman's Month approaches, lets join hands to create something special for our fellow mamas and their Beans! Remember, it takes a village!

How to Donate?

Every Saturday for the month of February 2022, we are accepting donations at the above address. Drop off your gently worn items, non-perishable items or even cash towards their purchases. Every donation will be publicized, we believe in transparency. Fill out your details when you drop of your gifts and if your wish to remain anonymous that's ok too!

Recommendations for Donation:

  1. Children's clothing, newborn - 10 years old

  2. Women's clothing

  3. Tampons/ pads

  4. Rice, beans, canned goods, children's snacks, etc.

  5. Blankets, mosquito nets

  6. Hand sanitizer

  7. Underwear (MUST BE NEW)

  8. Bras (MUST BE NEW)

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