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Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Baby’s antics are a recipe for natural disasters!!! From putting things in their mouth, to touching things they shouldn’t, to climbing and destroying things with the speed of lightning and more!! If your little one hasn’t started, consider yourself lucky. As stressful as it is, these things are what makes them special.

Here are some tips for safety at home for your little one.

1- Baby gates are a life saver! Have staircases at home, and your toddler keeps showing his/her spider man abilities? Baby gates will save you from that heart attack and subdue your fear. Shouting, good luck sis, we can’t help with that lol!

2- Chimes- attaching chimes to doors will alert you when your child or anyone opens a door or is attempting to get out.

3- Sharp objects should be kept out of reach of children in a baby proofed location.

4- Harness- Harnesses keep your babies in place while allowing them to move around. This limits the distance in which they can go and also reduces accidents significantly.

5- Baby monitor- invest in baby monitors or even household cameras, the ones with motion sensors are perfect and let’s you know where to look immediately.

These cameras show what happens in your house, this is also useful for parents who have nannies or visitors over. You can never be too careful!

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