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About L.A.B.

When you shop for your kids’ clothing, most times, you are greeted with an array of clothes in vibrant shades. If your child is a girl, you can expect to have pink, yellow, purple and other colours in her wardrobe. And if it’s a boy, we could be looking at red, navy blue, brown, blue and even other vibrant shades.


The same can be said for whenever you step into a children’s clothing shop, you’ll almost always notice a giant disparity between the “boys’” and “girls’” sections. Blues, greens, and browns are mainly found on boys’ clothing, while pinks, pastels, and flowers tend to take over the girls’ areas.


At LAB, we are changing the narrative: girls don’t have to wear pink, and boys don’t have to be relegated to all things blue or brown. We believe that fashion should be inclusive and that kids can look trendy and cool in neutral colours like grey, black, beige, ivory, white and more!


L.A.B. children's clothing is soft, cosy and easy to wash. We procure with your baby’s comfort and style in mind!

Meet The Team



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As the Founder & CEO of Life After Bean and co-founder of Women4Women, Ng, Chanel found L.A.B. on the premise of creating a community for mothers (and fathers). An author, career woman, entrepreneur, mother and wife, she understands what you need - support, reassurance, affordability & style for your little one.



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In charge of Sales & Marketing, Storm is an English major, mother, model and all around fashionista! Her fashion sense makes her an easy choice as a buyer for L.A.B.



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Kanyinsola is the founder and CEO of Sweatbox Nigeria and co-founder of W4W. With over 10 years of experience in the the health and wellness field, "Ky"i is an advocate of women empowerment and uses her experience to help her clients overcome mental and physical barriers into confidence.

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    Head Volunteer, LAB Foundation, Seun is passionate about helping mothers at risk. As a mother herself, she strives to continuously push for those in need allowing L.A.B. to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk when it comes to giving back to the community.

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